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Being in the design industry it is always good to keep up to date with the latest news (probably the reason you are reading these blogs). One of the main sources to find this information is a good old google search (other search engines are available) but don’t forget about the traditional print method. There are some great magazines on the market that we recommend getting a subscription to. Every month we receive one or two in the studio that gets passed around just to keep everyone in the know on the latest branding examples, marketing campaigns, and website designs. Here is our top 5 ‘Essential Design Magazine Subscriptions’ that you need to get your hands on. In no particular order:

Creative Review

Everything from Graphic Design, Advertising, Photography and even Film & TV. In every issue, the Creative Review magazine likes to focus on one key point in today’s society from travel to entertainment and how design is changing out the world.

Creative Review


Web Designer

This magazine is mainly aimed at web-savvy people. Focussing on websites rather than print, subscribers will get their hands on brushes, textures, backgrounds, icon packs, CSS / HTML templates, fonts, stock images, video tutorials and more. Available not just the UK, the ‘web designer’ publication is for international web creatives and digital designers.

Web Designer


Digital Arts

‘Digital Arts’ is the UK’s leading resource for creative professionals. Backed by the worlds largest IT publisher, IDG. The publication is aimed at providing relevant and forward thinking content from the design industry.

Digital Arts


Computer Arts

Now for one of the studio favourites. Computer Arts helps to bring people up-to-date with the latest design trends, styles, techniques and industry know-how. Every week features a profile from a global design agency or creative, showing you their latest work and behind the scenes gossip.

Computer Arts


Design Week

Launched in 1986, ‘Design Week’ has been in production for over 30 years. With over 11,000 paying readers, Design Week’s rapid turnaround of news, research, surveys, features and reports means you hear about the latest developments, invitations to pitch, campaigns and product launches, new logos and branding devices, award-winning work, and the latest appointments.

design week


Honorable Mention – Stuff Magazine

Being in the design industry it’s also a good idea to keep up-to-date with the latest tech news. We feel we can’t end this post without mentioning ‘Stuff Magazine’. Offering in-depth reviews and product breakdowns, the ‘Stuff Magazine’ is a must-have for the tech-savvy readers among us. Included are sections that focus on gaming, laptops, smart-home gadgets and even cars.

Stuff Magazine


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