3D rendering process
suspension coilover in 3D in Salt
3D rendered luxury sofa by Salt

3D Modelling & Renders

We are branching out! Salt Design can now offer a full 3D modelling & renders service. Our in house 3D designer can create custom 3D projects using the very latest in 3D software and technology. From VR (Virtual reality) to textures, objects and entire rooms, the possibilities of what we can create are truly limitless.

Our 3D Designer specialises in furniture and rooms, so a perfect match for those in the home design and interiors industry. 3D Modelling & Renders can be the outcome of some of the most technologically stunning projects, and we want to make suer you can be a part of it. Whether you feel 3D could form a part of your web project with Salt Design or a standalone piece for your own product catalogue or home buyers advertising, we have the 3D solution to suit you.

So if you feel like your client might appreciate the opportunity to walk through a 3D world of their new office interior in VR, or see a new vehicles customised interior, our 3D genius can model it for you. It’s truly brilliant stuff, we promise.

Client: 3D Renders & Models

Category: 3D, VR, Video

Date: October 2018


Feel like the fantastic branding we’ve created for you could do with some extra layers of brilliance? Allow us to bring it off the page in 3D.


Fancy an entire product catalogue made entirely in ultra realistic 3D? Look no further, we can save you time and money by avoiding the need to manufacture every single product until it’s ordered.

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