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Bespoke IDB logo designed by Salt
The Golden Ratio by Bespoke


Bespoke isn’t a word, it’s a lifestyle. Bespoke IDB brings the next level of high end luxury interiors. Moving not only into the furniture trade but interiors and buildings as well, bespoke aims to offer an all-in-one solution for high end clients. Using Bespoke’s services, clients can create their dream homes, from scratch. Bespoke handle everything from planning, building, architecture, furniture, upholstery and design. Bespoke offer hand crafted original furniture and upholstery but also the ability to finance it, for those looking to have their entire property made into a masterpiece.

Of course, with a brand such as this there is a very well defined demographic, so the site that we created for it needed to appeal to its audience. After all, they’re selling luxury as a lifestyle and offering clients a 24/7 complete assistance service.

We branded them using the Golden Ratio. We love how the Golden Ratio forms the basis for some of the most original brands in the world, and is the definition for original, iconic design. We wanted Bespoke to be as iconic as the golden ratio, and we like to think its brand reflects that aesthetic.

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Category: Branding, Web Design, Content…

Date: July 2018


Using the Golden Ratio as a template, the Bespoke logo is rose gold and can be used as a symbol to mark any piece of furniture or label any upholstery produced.


The Bespoke by TLSC London site is designed to target its demographic and sell the luxury lifestyle offered by the company.

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