Gabrielle Peltier Interiors

Gabrielle Peltier Interiors are in the Interiors trade, providing high end interior design, furniture and upholstery. Mrs Peltier came to Salt looking to begin the process of making a name for her business and showcasing her fantastic Interior Design.

We wanted to create a contemporary, original brand for Gabrielle Peltier Interiors. We consistently look at current trends in branding and listened to what Gabrielle wanted for her organisation. Together we settled on using the amazing logotype you see above, in a combination of pastel greys and soft pinks. The typographic logo, when combined with its marble and grey stone backgrounds make for a beautifully striking and intricate brand.

We’ve started her web design process with a simple yet striking one page site, which as well as showing off some of Gabrielle’s fantastic work is a great starting point in getting her company onto the web and making a name for her brand. Together with Salt, we will soon be working into the eCommerce market, the Gabrielle Peltier Interiors site will sell a range of Gabrielle’s amazing products.

Client: Gabrielle Peltier Interiors

Category: Branding, Web Design

Date: November 2018


Gabrielle Peltier Interiors needed a set of original yet contemporary brand to match her unique style of interior design.


Gabrielle Peltier Interiors has our beautifully designed one page site, and will soon move into the realms of eCommerce when she launches her product range.

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