Lemon sherbet wax melt by Rockwax, photography by Salt
Rockwax logo by Salt Design
Candy apple wax melt by RockWax, photography by Salt


RockWax create handmade wax melts and candles from the heart of the Welsh valleys. They pride themselves on their melts being individual and vibrantly coloured, much like the originality of the landscape of where they are made.

We wanted to give RockWax a great brand to start themselves off with, and a brilliant, modern E-commerce site to help them sell their stock and get people interested in wax melts. Using their uniquely coloured melts, we quickly designed a brand using Agate crystals, to replicate those colours and the term “rock” all in one go. We also carried out an extensive photography shoot to ensure the site had some amazing imagery to show off. The site is currently under construction, so watch this space!

We are launching the RockWax site very soon so keep an eye on this space! For now you can find them on Instagram, Facebook and even buy their melts via Etsy, which you can find here.

Client: RockWax

Category: Branding, E-commerce Web Design

Date: October 2018


We love Agate crystals for their unique patterns and vibrant colours, so it seemed only fitting that they form up with the RockWax branding.


The RockWax website is an E-commerce based selling website, which is linked through multiple payment gateways. It looks amazing too.

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