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The furniture industry is as booming as ever, with the need for well made, quality furniture that doesn’t cost the earth. A huge part of this is delivery, many furniture companies currently manufacture abroad and ship over to the UK for delivery. The cost of all of this is a longer turnaround time, and harm to the environment.

That’s where Sofas & Chairs Etc come in, they manufacture all of their furniture from their factory in South Wales, then deliver and install it using their in-house logistics team. As well as the reduced cost to the environment, the customer is greeted with their beautiful furniture in half the time of most other retailers.

However don’t think this speed compromises quality. The furniture is hand crafted, and upholstered exactly to client specifications. We at Salt Design were tasked with branding Sofas & Chairs Etc, keeping the brand classy while at the same time drawing enough attention from its demographic.

Taking influence from a few other high-end British brands, we looked to create a subtle, yet versatile brand that really lets the furniture do the talking.

Client: Sofas & Chairs Etc

Category: Branding, Web Design, Photography, SEO & content…

Date: January 2018


The branding for Sofas & Chairs Etc reflects its high quality standards, yet perceives as an affordable brand available to all who wish for better, British made furniture at a competitive price.

Web Design

The Sofas & Chairs website is designed to put their products at the forefront of the site, with customers seeing beautiful sofas the minute they land on the website. With a quick, responsive basket and ordering process, the Sofas & Chairs Etc website is designed with its customers in mind. Check out the site link below to see our work.

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