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We love students!

We’ve all been there, you’re hurtling into your third year of university, probably thinking, “what the hell am I going to do after this course?” It’s a fact that students are finding it harder and harder to get a position working in the field they study in, and that really upsets us! This problem applies especially toward the Web & Graphic Design industry. I have personally seen so many students come out of uni and give up entirely on their dreams of becoming a designer working in a busy city centre studio, drinking posh overpriced coffee and growing a beard “because its cool” (I’d like to add at this point that I’ve had mine since 15, so before it was “cool” it was getting me into pubs and clubs!), just because they don’t feel they’re good enough for it. Well, do you know what we think of that? Rubbish.

Salt prides itself on giving everyone who walks through our doors the time of day, whether you are a student, between jobs, or just generally want some feedback on a piece of design. We will even do our best to accommodate placement, as I know the downright struggle trying to find one while you’re still studying. Myself and Kyle both found placement hard to come by, and when we finally managed to beg our way into one, you’d be branded as the “coffee boy”, having to do the awful, boring bits that the important people couldn’t be bothered with. I once had to watch Youtube for 5 hours because the boss was out and had forgotten to give me any work, to name one example.

I can safely say you won’t find that here, Salt gives everyone an equal chance. If you’ve made the effort to put together and print a beautiful mailer and send it to us, of course, you’ll get a response. If you email us your portfolio, of course, you’ll get some feedback. If you’ve made the effort to contact us, then we feel it would the height of rudeness to ignore you completely, regardless of how busy we are. If you’re lucky enough to come and work with us, don’t for a second think you’ll just be sweeping the floors and making the tea. We promise to make you a member of our team for the duration of our placements. You’ll be involved with every meeting, discussion, wire-framing & storyboarding, and of course our inventive lunch outings.

So if you think you fancy a challenging couple of weeks, filled with hard work, junk food, laughing and possibly an office RC drone race drop us a line with your portfolio (or better still send us a mailer because we love opening cool things in the post).

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